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Special Report
John A. Shoemaker MPH,
Linda Manning PhD,
Crystal Ramos BS

An estimated 30,893 Arizona families were served by State-administered home visiting programs during the State’s 2015 fiscal year (SFY2015). This is a 7.4% increase over the estimate of 28,776 families served for SFY2014. The Arizona Early Childhood Home Visiting Index increased to 30.4% for SFY2015, up from 27.0% for SFY 2014. The Index expresses the number of families served by State-administered home visiting programs as a percentage of Arizona’s most-at-risk families – those living with one or more of their children in a household earning less than 1.3 times the Federal Poverty Level (or less than about $31,525 per year for a family of four). The Index is updated and published annually to monitor changes in the scope of Arizona’s home visiting system.