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Appropriations and Appropriations Limit as a Percentage of Personal Income, Arizona State Government

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The appropriations limitation went into effect at the end of the 1970s. Due to shifts in program responsibility between federal, state, and local governments, the original appropriations limit of 7 percent of personal income has risen to 7.41 percent. For appropriations subject to the limit as a percentage of personal income, some cyclicality is seen, but the trend has been down. The percentage has been less than 6 percent since fiscal year (FY) 2009. The projected figure for FY 2016 is near the all-time low.

Similar down trends as a share of personal income are seen for total appropriations from all funds and for general fund appropriations. The former peaked at 5.94 percent in fiscal year 1992 but has been less than 5 percent since FY 2010. The latter peaked at 5.21 percent in FY 1992 and has been less than 4 percent since FY 2009. Each is at a record low for FY 2016.