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Arizona State and Local Governments' Elementary and Secondary Education Expenditures Per Student Per $1,000 of Per Capita Personal Income as a Percentage of the National Average

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Total public funding for elementary and secondary education in Arizona has declined significantly as a percentage of the national average. During the 1960s, Arizona spent more than the national average. Since the mid-1990s, Arizona's spending relative to the rest of the country has fallen sharply to far below the national average. Spending is measured per pupil. The "per $1,000 of per capita income" measure automatically adjusts for inflation and per capita economic growth. The Census Bureau data are the public-sector totals, including revenues from the state land trust, Proposition 301 (a voter-approved increase in the sales tax rate to benefit education), and any local government sources. The Census Bureau data include capital outlays and all other expenditures (current operations). The capital outlays line was not plotted since it is highly erratic.