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Average Wage as Percentages of the National Averages, 2013

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Reasonable targets for Arizona are for the state’s average wage to be near the national average, for the larger metro counties to have a figure near the U.S. metro average, and for the nonmetro counties to have a figure equal to the nonmetro average.

Among Arizona’s eight metropolitan counties, Maricopa was the only one with an average wage that approached the U.S. metro average in 2013, at 4 percent less. Each of the others had a figure from 13-to-30 percent below the metro average. In contrast, among the seven nonmetro counties, the average wage in Greenlee was far higher than the U.S. nonmetro average and five counties had a figure from 4-to-18 percent higher. Only in La Paz County was the average wage less than average.