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Change in Cohort Size Enrollment, Arizona

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Visualization Notes:

This graph compares enrollment in one grade in one year to enrollment in the next grade in the next year. It is the sum of all grades: from kindergarten through the 11th grade in the first year to the first grade through the 12th grade in the next year. For example, enrollment in the first grade in fall 2009 is compared to enrollment in the second grade in fall 2010. The difference in enrollment in large part reflects the net migration to or from Arizona of school-age children. However, the changes also reflect children transferring from private to public schools (or the reverse) and high school students dropping out of school.

Net in-migration of school-age children to Arizona appears to have occurred through 2007, with the number smallest early in the decade—a recession occurred in 2001—and highest during the mid-2000s economic boom. Data for 2008 are unavailable due to a change in the methodology of counting students. Since 2008, it appears that the state has experienced net out-migration of school-age children, largely due to the long and deep economic recession.