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Change in Cohort Size Enrollment by Grade, Arizona

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Visualization Notes:

This graph compares enrollment in one grade in one year to enrollment in the next grade in the next year; the grade is expressed as of the second year. For example, enrollment in the first grade in fall 2009 is compared to enrollment in the second grade in fall 2010. The difference in enrollment in large part reflects the net migration to or from Arizona of school-age children. However, the changes also reflect children transferring from private to public schools (or the reverse) and high school students dropping out of school.

The year-to-year increase is consistently higher than in other grades between kindergarten and the first grade and especially between the 8th and 9th grades, suggesting that these are the key ages at which private-school students transfer to public schools. In addition, the year-to-year change often is negative after the 9th grade, presumably due to students dropping out of school.