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Earnings Per Employee by Sector in Arizona, 2013

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Earnings per employee in Arizona in 2013 averaged $49,981. In four sectors — utilities, management of companies, manufacturing, and wholesale trade — the average is at least 50 percent higher than the overall figure. In the real estate and rental; accommodation and food services; and arts, entertainment and recreation sectors, the average is at least 45 percent below the overall figure.

A number of factors cause earnings per employee to vary considerably by sector — from less than $25,000 to a little more than $125,000. One cause is that the average annual number of hours worked varies by sector, but the major factor is that the nature of the typical job varies widely by sector. In particular, wages are highly correlated to educational attainment; the percentage of jobs requiring a university degree differs considerably by sector. For example, despite lower wages than in the private sector for the same occupation, earnings per employee is above the overall average in the government sector since the government’s workforce disproportionately consists of workers holding a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

Note: Sectors are listed in order of the earnings per employee in the United States