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Generation of Renewable Electric Power in Arizona (Percent by Source)

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Historically, over 95% of Arizona's renewable energy has been generated by hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric production continues to decrease due to the ongoing drought and in 2012 this percentage was below 80% for the first time. Further decreases are possible in the future due to climate change. Wind energy generated in Arizona has consistently increased since coming on line in 2009 and production of solar energy made huge gains between 2011 and 2012, increasing over ten fold. Energy from wood and wood derived fuels also contributes to the mix.

Notes: Hydro Conventional does not include pumped storage.  Solar includes solar thermal and photovoltaic. Wood and Wood Derived Fuels includes paper pellets, railroad ties, utility poles, wood chips, bark, red liquor, sludge wood, spent sulfite liquor, and black liquor, with other wood waste solids and wood-based liquids. Other Biomass includes biogenic municipal solid waste, landfill gas, sludge waste, agricultural byproducts, other biomass solids, other biomass liquids, and other biomass gases (including digester gases and methane). Totals may not equal sum of components due to independent rounding.

(*) Value is less than 0.5 of the table metric, but value is included in any associated total.  
NA = No data reported.