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Household Type, 2010

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Among all Arizona households counted in 2010, nearly two-thirds were considered to be families (defined as more than one related individual living in the same household). Husband-wife families made up 48 percent of all households, male head of family (no wife present) accounted for 6 percent, and female head of family (no husband present) represented 12 percent. Most of the households not considered to be a family consisted of an individual living alone (26 percent of all households); other nonfamily households (such as roommates) were 8 percent of the total. Compared to the nation, Arizona had proportionately more male-headed families and more in the other nonrelative category, with less in each of the other categories.

The percentages in each category vary across Arizona’s counties. For example, the husband-wife percentage in 2010 ranged from 43 percent in Apache to 57 percent in Yuma. The highest other nonfamily percentage was in Coconino County, presumably due to university students living as roommates.