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Living Situations of Adult Protective Services Clients

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Visualization Notes:

This graph indicates that the majority of Adult Protective Services (APS) clients either live in a facility, with family, or live alone/receive little assistance. Until 2007, the largest  percentage of APS clients lived alone with little or no assistance. This trend changed in 2007 when those who lived with family became the largest percentage of clients, possibly due to the economic downturn. This also supports the 2000 Census statistic that less than 25% of Arizona older adults live alone. In 2008, those that had unknown living situations or were in developmental disability services placements were the largest percentage. This supports the idea that community supports in the home can reduce the risk of neglect.  

In 2008, the "Other" category was redefined to include unknown and Division of Developmental Disabilities placements, and therefore this percentage significantly increased.