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Median Wage by Occupational Group in Arizona, 2013

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Note: Occupational groups are listed in order of the median wage in the United States.

Multiplying Arizona’s overall median hourly wage of $16.43 by 2,080 hours (40 hours per week for 52 weeks) results in an annual median wage of $34,174 in 2013. The median wage varies widely by occupational group — from less than $19,000 in the food preparation and serving, and farming groups to more than $87,000 in the management group — due to several factors. The major factor is that the nature of the typical job varies widely by occupational group. In particular, wages are highly correlated to educational attainment; the percentage of jobs requiring a university degree differs considerably by group. For example, most jobs classified in the highest-paying group require a bachelor’s or advanced degree, while few jobs categorized in the two lowest-paying groups require a college degree.