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Number Enrolled in Health and Social Services Programs Per 1,000 Residents in Arizona

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* 2013 starts the first year of a change in AHCCCS's total count methodology

Relative to the growth of the Arizona population, the numbers enrolled in the largest of the public health and welfare programs — AHCCCS, medical assistance, and the supplemental nutrition assistance program (food stamps) — have increased considerably over time. The number enrolled in each program varies countercyclically, with increases in enrollment during recessions and decreases during periods of strong economic growth. Very large increases occurred between fiscal years 2007 and 2011. With the gradual improvement in the Arizona economy, the per capita figure has dropped a little in each of the programs since fiscal year 2011.

In contrast, the per capita numbers enrolled in the cash assistance, unemployed parents, and temporary assistance to needy families programs have declined significantly due to program restrictions; the cash assistance and unemployed parents programs are no longer offered.