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Race and Ethnicity as a Share of the Total, 2010

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Hispanics and non-Hispanic American Indians made up larger shares of Arizona’s population than the national average in 2010. Each of the other racial/ethnic groups, particularly non-Hispanic blacks, made up a lesser share in Arizona.

The racial/ethnic distribution varies widely across Arizona’s counties. More than half of the residents of Santa Cruz and Yuma counties were Hispanic in 2010, but the Hispanic share was only 6 percent in Apache County. Non-Hispanic Native Americans were the majority in Apache County and accounted for more than 40 percent of the population in Navajo County, but had shares of less than 2 percent in several counties. Approximately 80 percent of the residents of Mohave and Yavapai counties were non-Hispanic whites, but the non-Hispanic white share was 20 percent or less in Apache and Santa Cruz counties.