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Share of Population By Age Group, 2010

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Those less than 18 years old made up just more than one-fourth of all Arizonans in 2010, a little higher share than the national average. The share ranged across Arizona’s counties from less than 20 percent in La Paz and Yavapai counties to more than 30 percent in Apache and Santa Cruz counties. The share of the population 65 or older was 13.8 percent in Arizona, compared to the national average of 13.0 percent. The share ranged widely across Arizona’s counties, from less than 10 percent in Coconino County to nearly one-third in La Paz County.

More than 60 percent of Arizonans were between ages 18 and 64, a lower share than the U.S. average. Not quite half of the La Paz County residents were of this prime working age, compared to more than two-thirds of Coconino County residents.

In Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county, the youth share of the population was higher than the state average and 2.4 percentage points more than the national average. The share 65 or older was less than both the state and national figures.